Auction organisation

Congratulations! You just took the first steps to organise your own auction.

What makes VAVATO the ideal partner?

Overstock, rolling stock, industrial goods or consumer goods. VAVATO successfully converts them into cash in no time, enabling you to make new investments faster!

Thanks to years of experience, we know perfectly where your needs are and we can develop a customized sales formula. We run product-specific campaigns allowing us to quickly find the right buyer for your auction.

VAVATO offers buyers an innovative and extremely user-friendly platform making bidding a piece of cake. You as seller can also follow the auction effortlessly.

How do we do it?

  1. Contact us through our contact details below
  2. Send us a list of the goods you want to sell
  3. VAVATO will come to see you
  4. In consultation with you VAVATO will design a bespoke sales formula
  5. #happyvavato: After about 5 weeks, your goods are converted into cash!

Further questions? Our team is ready to assist you!